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The 3rd Annual Oscar Isaac Awards

Feb 13, 2018

Written by Scott Willson

Red, Michael and Scott open the doors to the glitzy Nostromo Ballroom to celebrate the biggest surprises, disappointments, the best and the worst in a stylish and provocative year at the cinema.

Listen to the 3rd Annual Oscar Isaac Awards below:

As per yearly custom, we hold extended deliberations wherein we whittle down dozens of films into these super fun categories. Here are the winners:


Best Style

'Blade Runner 2049'

Blade Runner 2049

Quite possibly the most expensive, lavish, aesthetically indulgent arthouse film that will ever be made? Roger Deakins is no doubt the protagonist here - every camera move, every splash of colour, every glint in a character's eye, all carefully informed by a master cinematographer working with carte blanche and visual splendor as studio priority number one.

Spared No Expense. Seriously, a more unabashedly facemelting film may never be released. Just give this category to BLADE RUNNER 2049 every single year.

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Biggest Surprise

'Get Out'

Get Out

Jordan Peele is a talented comedian and hilarious sketch comedy writer. However, in 12 short months, GET OUT has become one of the finest horror movies in recent memory and nothing short of the most important film of 2017.

Immortalizing itself into the lexicon of African-American culture and the on-screen representation of black men, Peele has created a brilliant and startling piece of what is now dubbed "social horror". But in the end, all is in service to reveal what is the biggest surprise of the year: the silly little horror film you think you're watching is actually a razor sharp, and finely tuned racial commentary.

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Biggest Disappointment

'Alien: Covenant'

Alien Covenant

Ridley Scott is quickly becoming the new George Lucas. A filmmaker who frequently seems to misunderstand his own work, or seemingly whatever motivates his creative choices. Only as good as the script he is working from, Scott cares little for things like overarching continuity or logical character behaviour unless the screenplay calls for them. 

In the sad case of ALIEN: COVENANT, John Logan and Dante Harper have discharged a severely undercooked, slimy and infected screenplay with no respect for any investment we may have for the other dark corners of the geek-coveted Alien universe. All of the answers we are given are inconsequential. All of the questions we are meant to be asking are irrelevant. 

With that being said, where else can you watch Michael Fassbender blow himself while doing the fingering at the same time?

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Worst Film of the Year



If the prerequisite to be resuscitated was a requirement to re-watch the utterly embarrassing FLATLINERS remake, we would rather stay dead.

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Best Old Film of the Year

'Under the Skin'

Under the Skin

One of the greatest films of the 21st century. Full stop on that one. Science fiction and abstract art don't get any better than this, and Jonathan Glazer's mesmerizing alien invasion(?) experience UNDER THE SKIN exists behind a seemingly endless number of layered interpretations.

It feels really good when you get the sense that a filmmaker is way more intelligent than you are. Any idiot can be handed an answer and feel pretty smart about it. However, holding an audience to a higher expectation always pays in higher reward; here with the dividend of abstract thought materializing into a powerful statement on female objectification and exploiting the hypnotic power of feminine sexuality.

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Thanks for another fantastic year folks!