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The 2nd Annual Oscar Isaac Awards (2016)

Oct 19, 2017

Red, Michael and Scott open up the glitzy Nostromo Ballroom for the biggest surprises, disappointments, the best and the worst of an... interesting year at the cinema. Is DEADPOOL better than CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR? Is LA LA LAND overrated? Is ROGUE ONE a proper Star Wars movie?

Listen to our Top 10 Films of 2016 below:

In addition to discussing our favourite films of the year, we also hold extended deliberations wherein we whittle down dozens of films to these badass and super fun categories. Here are the winners:


Biggest Surprise

'Swiss Army Man'

SWISS ARMY MAN is a fantastically imaginative tribal chant to ward off the spirits of loneliness and mental illness. A folk song to friendship and the human spirit. 

Rude, touching and incredibly sweet, while somehow remaining poignant, sorrowful and extremely moving. 

Letting your true feelings slip out is always silent, but deadly. 

"There is a fart in this film for everyone". 


Biggest Disappointment

'Suicide Squad'

Here lies some of the most chaotic, confused and sloppy editing ever seen in a big budget film. Looks like someone accidentally hit the SHUFFLE button on an iPod Classic from 2003. 

Also, these henchmen are basically Putties from fucking Power Rangers.


Best Old Film of the Year


While our lord and saviour Denis Villenueve continues to dominate Hollywood, his back catalogue is chock full of absolute barn-burners. Chief among them is INCENDIES which contains what is most likely the greatest Radiohead needle drop in film history.

Rattling like a freight train to a completely soul-scorching finale, this is a strong candidate for the greatest Canadian film ever made.


Worst Film of the Year

'Independence Day: Resurgence'

This one is just downright humiliating for everyone involved and Peter Berg's masterpiece BATTLESHIP never looked so good.

On the bright side, Roland Emmerich appears to have finally run out of ways to smash apart the planet. "Get ready for a close encounter, bitch!"

Judd Hirsch & The School Bus Kidz.


Thanks for a great year folks. See you in 2017!