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Sep 18, 2017

This week on the podcast, Rob, Red and Scott meet in the Nostromo lounge and discuss Jude Law's buttery Scottish accent in BLACK SEA aka The Treasure of the Sunken Madre, Terrence Malick takes us into the mindblowing VOYAGE OF TIME: LIFE'S JOURNEY featuring a detached Cate Blanchett, the Gallagher brothers continue to call each other potatoes in OASIS: SUPERSONIC, Red signs over his soul for a little bit of PREACHER Season 2, and much, much more before our featured review of MOTHER! from writer/director Darren Aronofsky.


  • The AntiTheory - "Smart Bombs (Smartphones Mix)"


  • 0:05:50 - What We've Been Viewing
  • 0:40:10 - Review: mother! (2017)
  • 1:04:55 - *Spoiler Tag*


  • Black Sea (2014)
  • mother! (2017)