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Jun 19, 2017

This week on the podcast, Michael, Red and Scott meet in the Nostromo lounge and discuss William Friedkin's 80's drenched cops & robbers drama TO LIVE AND DIE IN L.A. featuring Grissom's ballsack, Scott endures the wrath of the latest POWER RANGERS film aka Gritty Hollywood Reboot ID# 9452734, Neill Blomkamp drops the bizarre and highly experimental short RAKKA from his Oats Studios project, Mike is thinking about opening up an eBay clothing store just like Britt Robertson in GIRLBOSS, we take a look at THE RED PILL and the controversial Men's Rights Activist movement, and much, much more before our featured review of HOT FUZZ from writer/director Edgar Wright.


  • The AntiTheory - "Smart Bombs (Smartphones Mix)"


  • 0:07:40 - What We've Been Viewing 
  • 0:45:20 - Review: Hot Fuzz (2007)
  • 1:14:15 - *Spoiler Tag*


  • Tracy Morgan: Staying Alive (2016)
  • Hot Fuzz (2007)