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Dec 1, 2015

This week on the podcast, Mike, Red and Scott meet in the Nostromo Lounge and discuss the fantastic (and legitimately appalling) true life story of THE STANFORD PRISON EXPERIMENT starring Billy Crudup, a really explodey first trailer for CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR, Scott sweats a little bit with a somewhat disappointing rewatch of Tarantino's TRUE ROMANCE from the immortal Tony Scott, the whitewashed casting of GODS OF EGYPT and Alex Proyas busting out the most bizarre apology of the year, Mike and Red check out the new Netflix Original series JESSICA JONES featuring Krysten Ritter, Kevin Bacon is back for a brand new TREMORS TV series and all is right in the world, we try to get some crystal clear 70mm perspective on THE HATEFUL EIGHT Ultra Panavision roadshow, and much, much more before our featured review of the ROCKY spinoff film CREED from director Ryan Coogler.

So give your two weeks notice at that lucrative securities firm, rub some vaseline across your gushing eyebrow, pop a badass dirtbike wheelie through the neighborhood, and let's see if we can emerge from our father's shadow with a victory before our legendary heritage goes public.


  • The AntiTheory - "Smart Bombs"


  • 0:00:00 - What We've Been Viewing
  • 0:36:05 - News
  • 0:56:40 - Review: Creed (2015)
  • 1:22:53 - *Spoiler Tag*


  • The Stanford Prison Experiment (2015)
  • The Hateful Eight (2015) Roadshow featurette
  • Captain America: Civil War (2016) Trailer 1