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The 3rd Annual Oscar Isaac Awards

Feb 13, 2018

Written by Scott Willson

Red, Michael and Scott open the doors to the glitzy Nostromo Ballroom to celebrate the biggest surprises, disappointments, the best and the worst in a stylish and provocative year at the cinema.

Listen to the 3rd Annual Oscar Isaac Awards below:

A Brief History of Christopher Nolan's Necklace TV

Dec 9, 2017

Christopher Nolan TV Necklace

Written by Scott Willson

Christopher Nolan has long been a cinematic traditionalist as well as an advocate for the preservation and continued use of celluloid in Hollywood film production.

Consequently, Nolan is against the idea that you are ever truly seeing what you're getting on a digital monitor during principal...

Clapping at the Movie Theatre (CATMT)

Nov 27, 2017

Written by Jared Sargent

There is a certain phenomenon that I feel impelled to remark on. It occurs in the dark, where no one can see who started it, and amongst strangers, so one can be assured there is no predetermined or even singular motivation at play save for 'monkey see, monkey do'. I find it confusing at best,...

Teasing the Tarantino Dialogue Out of 'Crimson Tide'

Nov 9, 2017

Crimson Tide

Written by Scott Willson

Aside from the wanton, gratuitous violence and an alarmingly cavalier use of the N-word, ex-Blockbuster Video store manager Quentin Tarantino has always trademarked his screenplays with cool, conversational dialogue laden with disagreements over film, TV, music and comic book trivialities.


Kenneth Branagh Had No Idea How to Shoot 'Thor' So It's All Dutch Angles

Nov 3, 2017


Written by Scott Willson

Making a superhero movie is hard. Making a good superhero movie? You can pretty much forget it. The transition process from comic strip to film strip typically proves to be more arduous than few are willing to bargain for, despite the fact that graphic novels are essentially in film storyboard...